Austin Guitars

Austin is owned by the same company that owns Alvarez Guitars. Austin acoustic guitars are built in the same factory where Alvarez Regent Series guitars are built. Therefore, be assured that Austin guitars are high-quality guitars at very affordable prices. -Pelican Beach Music LLC

Over 20 years ago, Austin Guitars began with a clear objective: an entire line of guitars inspired by classic shapes and tones that could be built and offered at class leading prices. Today Austin Guitars stands as one of the highest value brands in the market.

The secret to a high value guitar isn’t cutting corners; it’s careful, meticulous design and research, and discovering affordable ways to craft with quality, and use materials that are perfectly suited for a specific function.

You will find, in Austin, tonewoods and electronics that deliver the coveted sonic flavors that musicians strive for, as well as components and build quality that will give them a really enjoyable player experience.

Another great strength to Austin is its range of instruments. For electrics, we’ve taken inspiration from the classics and offer a variety of colors and soundscapes, from our Super 6 series to our AST100s and ATC200s.

Acoustically, we’re proud of the projection and driving tone we get out of our open pore, satin finished instruments, and the crisp, all around classic balance of our gloss finished models. We’ve delivered classical, nylon string guitars in full body and fractional sizes along with a travel size dreadnought. Both our acoustic and electric guitars also come in a variety of stunning finishes.

For both guitarists that know what they want, and for the ones that are exploring, we feel our line can accommodate just about anyone.