Alvarez Artist Series

Award Winning Design and Incredible Value

Artist Series continues to set itself apart from its peers with a true dedication to design and quality rarely found in such affordable instruments. This year will see us transition most Artist models to a wonderful new bracing system we call MST1, a super efficient construction that brings a more robust, fuller tone to our guitars and heightened response. New 2019 models include 12-string options in Black and Shadowburst and all Artist Series are crafted with our flawless, attenuated finish making these guitars look as good as they sound.

Awards and Accolades for Artist Series:

  • AB60CE Best New Bass, Music & Sound Retailer, USA
  • AD70 Best Acoustic Guitars: Rock Category, Chitarre Magazine, Italy
  • AP70 Best Acoustic Guitar under £500: Guitar & Bass Magazine, UK
  • AG75CE Rated 90%: Guitar & Bass Magazine, UK
  • ABT60 Rated 5/5: Acoustic Magazine, UK
  • AG75CE One of the only guitars to be rated 5/5 in all categories: Acoustic Magazine, UK
  • ARTIST 66 Series Nominated for Best Acoustic Series: Music & Sound Retailer, USA
  • AD70CE Best Electro Acoustic under £500.00: Guitar & Bass Magazine, UK
  • AD66CE “This guitar is well worth every penny of its under $500 street price.” American Songwriter, USA
  • ABT60 “The ABT60 delivering Great Value for anyone considering a Baritone.”, Teja Gerken, Acoustic Guitar
  • ADA1965 “It’s hard to imagine a better flat top for under $500.” Premier Guitar Magazine, USA