The Dream

Hello, I am Adrian

I am the founder of Pelican Beach Music LLC. I founded Pelican Beach Music LLC with the simple idea of creating a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere  for learning, enjoying and purchasing musical instruments. This is a place where no sales quotas are required and no sales pressure exists. However, It is a place where people can peacefully learn, shop and explore the world of musical instruments and music. For too long, big business and corporations have ruined the experience and joy of purchasing a musical instrument. Profits have overtaken the Passion of Music and the giants have conquered the independent retailers. However, I believe Pelican Beach Music LLC can make a difference and Restore Passion back into Music! 

Furthermore, I do not believe in selling only the status quo. There are wonderfully-made beautiful instruments from talented independent luthiers, manufacturers and makers all over the world. My goal is to introduce those brands to you and give you a choice which no other company has ever done! Thank You

Adrian from Pelican Beach Music LLC

About US

Pelican Beach Music LLC is an Online Musical Instrument Retailer Specializing in Guitar Sales from exciting makers such as Alvarez, Danelectro, Morifone Custom Guitars, Aria Pro II, Aria, Revival Acoustics, Verano, Peavey, Austin and Stadium. Pelican Beach Music LLC is located in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. We are constantly sourcing brands from around the world to bring to you, our friends. A lot of exciting things are happening at Pelican Beach Music. We are Growing at Fast Rate. However, We will Always Remain Honest, Fair and Hardworking. Please Stay with Us and Sign Up for the Newsletter to be informed of all the Changes, New Product Additions, Announcements and Exciting Things happening at Pelican Beach Music LLC. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the easiest, best and most pleasurable online shopping and transaction experience available. We have over 25 years of Professional Customer Service Experience. In addition, We are Knowledgeable, Friendly, Detailed, and Personable. Feel free to email, text or call before making a purchase for any questions or concerns you may have. We want to become the First Musical Instrument Store you think about.