How to Order a Morifone Guitar

How to order a Custom Morifone Quarzo Guitar

There are only two options that result in an extra charge: Semi-Hollow body and a Bigsby bridge. 

Free Shipping to Canada and the Continental United States or Text  or Call 833-GTARBCH (833-482-7224)


Ordering Instructions: 

1) Select body option:

  • Solid body (best sound, but heavier)
  • Weight Relieved (good balance between sound and weight)
  • Semi-Hollow (Snappier sound, light weight). F-hole: $100 extra.

2) Select Body Color.

3) Select headstock aluminum veneer color (black or blue).

4) Select fret style

  • Traditional: Medium-Jumbo frets with binding nibs
  • Finefrets®: Narrower, semi-hemispheral frets.

5) Select Finish

  • Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Polyurethane

*All metallic colors must be Nitrocellulose

6) Select Bridge and tuner color

  • Nickel
  • Gold

7) Select Bridge

  • Tune-o-Matic and Stop-Piece
  • Wraparound
  • Bigsby B7 and roller bridge. Extra $150 (Polished Aluminum) or $250 (Gold)

8) Select binding color

9) Select string gauge (The nut will be filed accordingly)


Wood Construction Specs:

  • Patented headstock design, the upward-winged Morifone Aileron™
  • Figured or Plain carved maple top with original top carve shape. Thickness: 3/4″
  • Mahogany Body, Mahogany Neck
  • Long-tenon body/neck joint
  • Neck angle: 4.4°
  • Headstock angle: 17°
  • Weight: Average 8,5 lbs (Solid body), 8 lbs (Weight-Relieved),7 lbs (Semi-Hollow)
  • Neck to headstock joint reinforcement with inner maple splines
  • Double-Action truss rod
  • Ultra-light aluminum headstock veneer. Available in black or blue
  • Belly contour

Fingerboard Specs:

  • Ebony fingerboard, 12-inch radius
  • Nickel Frets: Choose between traditional Medium-Jumbo frets with binding nibs, or the narrower semi-hemispheral Finefrets®
  • Morifone Aileron™ Cellulose inlays
  • Nut: Graphtech TUSQ XL


  • Two options: Nitrocellulose or Polyurethane Finish

Hardware Specs:

  • Ergonomic Pickguard (floating without a bracket)
  • ABS bindings (body and neck) (Cream, White, Black or Custom color)
  • Bridge: ABM® Bell-Brass Tune-o-matic or Wrap-Around
  • Tailpiece: Lightweight Aluminum Stoptail
  • Tuners: Vintage-Style Schaller®, 3X3, 16:1 Ratio
  • Electrosocket™ Jack Mount

Electronics and Pickups:

  • Pickups: Your choice from the whole* product catalog of Lollar® Pickups.  
  • *Humbucker or P-90 sized.
  • 500k Premium CTS Potentiometers
  • 2-Volume, 1 Tone configuration.
  • Push-Push tone knob for Coil-Splitting (on Humbucker-Equipped guitars).
  • 3-Way Switch (Neck/Both/Bridge pickup).
  • *P-90 are wired in RWRP for noise-cancelling in the middle position
  • 0,22 uF Foil/Film Capacitors
  • Other custom options are available (Treble bleed, 300k pots, other capacitors etc.) Please contact us  to discuss these options