“Musicians in search of the perfect instrument, are often thwarted from those endeavors; Such pursuits often are impeded as a result of lack of fundamentals from the manufacturer in either poor instrument design, objectionable playability, and/or stale aesthetics.”

Hailing from Brazil and of Japanese descent, Ney Nakamura now resides in the United States, where he oversees the US and International operations of Tagima. Having over 25 years in the musical industry, Ney is delighted to finally offer Tagima to the US musician.


Marcio Zaganin is one of the greatest luthiers of Brazil, highly sought after for his skills and expertise in all guitar aspects. He began his work in an atelier in 1993. In 2006, he was hired by the president of Tagima to further the product development of the guitar line. Additionally, he is tasked with the coordination of all production of the Brazil line and quality supervision of the instruments importing from China. Currently, Marcio continues his custom shop work with the M. Zaganin brand. He develops creative work in Tagima, creating new instrument that help Tagima be one of the leading brands of instruments in the world.